About CDS, Inc

Clean Diesel Specialists first opened it’s doors for business in 2001. For years we have watched diesel powered vehicles spew contaminated exhaust into the air. Environmental agencies have finally established guidelines that require diesel powered vehicles to eliminate Particulate Matter and NOX. Our job as clean diesel specialists is to use innovative new technologies, partners, and products to reduce diesel fuels Carbon Footprint on our environment and service these units that trap it. Breathe easy with Clean Diesel Specialists.

CDS Inc Team Pic

CDS offers individuals or fleets a one-stop integrated parts distributor, data-logging, installation, retrofitting, cleaning and compliance center. CDS is the largest distributor of DPF cleaning equipment, DPF gaskets, DPF Clamps and DPF accessories in the United States and Canada. We carry a wide variety of brands, including products from ECS, HUSS, HUGG, ESW, etc. We also have mobile installation teams can assist you in data-logging, DPF Cleaning and DPF Retrofitting and DPF installation.