CDS ECS – Purifilter Plus Covers 95% of the Heavy Duty Vehicle Segment

Purifilter Plus Covers More Engines

Engine Control Systems announced that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has granted an extension of the ECS Purifilter Plus to include model years 1994 through 2010. This increases coverage to roughly 95% of the engine families available in this heavy duty segment, the company said.
The Purifilter Plus is a verified diesel particulate filter which combines a passive ECS Purifilter with the active regeneration components of an ECS Combifilter. The result is a hybrid diesel particulate filter that ECS said has no duty cycle requirement and can be maintained by periodic active regeneration. The Purifilter Plus is targeted toward a wide variety of small and large fleet operators for fleets including school buses, shuttle buses, urban buses, municipal vehicles, utility vehicles, refuse trucks and urban delivery vehicles.
“This verification extension granted by the ARB provides a much broader available market for the Purifilter Plus product line which has demonstrated a robustness in applications,” said Ian MacDonald, VP of Sales and Marketing of Engine Control Systems. “The inclusion of engine model years up to 2010 enables our customers to have product consistency throughout their fleet which we know is important to them.”

The applicable executive order covering the Purifilter Plus, which includes an attachment that details the specific list of engines covered under this verification, is available on the CARB website.

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