CDS Values


Started in January 2023, throughout California, roadside emissions monitoring systems with automated license plate recognition cameras are in effect to screen for potential high-emitting vehicles. Owners of OBD-equipped vehicles are required to submit compliance tests upon being flagged as a potential high-emitting vehicle and receiving a Notice to Submit to Testing (NST). Upon receiving an NST, a passing vehicle compliance test is required within 30 days of receipt. Failure to do so results in a CARB enforcement violation.
No need to worry! We at Clean Diesel Specialists can either come to you, or you can bring your vehicle to one of our testing sites in the Inland Empire, Orange County or Los Angeles County.

Reporting and compliance fee payments are expected to begin October to December 2023. CARB will give access to a database system where you will be required to establish an owner account and report your fleet of diesel AND alternative fueled vehicles over 14,000 lbs. GVWR operating in California. The $30.00 per vehicle compliance fee would be payable directly through the database system using traditional payment methods. Also, owner-operators, out-of-state vehicles and public vehicles (federal, state, and local) are subject to the Clean Truck Check, formerly known as the Heavy-Duty Inspection & Maintenance Program (HD I/M). Clean Diesel Specialists offers compliance consulting with experienced staff that can help you with reporting and staying CARB compliant.

Be prepared! Full implementation starts in 2024 with bi-annual compliance testing. Similar to the smog check program for light duty, 2013 and newer vehicles that came equipped with On-Board Diagnostics will be required to submit an OBD download with CARB certified software and a credentialed tester that will be immediately uploaded to CARB. Older vehicles will require the SAE J1667-compatible meter smoke opacity test along with an inspection report to be uploaded to CARB. Compliance with the Clean Truck Check program is linked to DMV registration. If mal-functioning of emissions parts are identified, Clean Diesel Specialists has mobile technicians and conveniently located shops with experts that specialize in emissions components for diagnosis and repair. We have you covered with a quick turn-around to get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible!

If you have questions regarding this new regulation or need to get started on testing, contact the Clean Diesel Specialists SoCal team, email or call our office at 714-276-2020.