CDS Values

CDS Values

About Us

Founded in 2008, Clean Diesel Specialists,™ Inc, is a California based “One Stop” Diesel Emissions Services Company with over a decade of experience in:

    • Maintenance & Repair of Diesel
    • Emissions Systems Diesel Emission Compliance & Retrofit
    • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning
    • Developing & Advancing DPF Restoration Best Practices
    • Optimizing “In Service Filter Performance” & Filter Life
    • Sourcing, Warehousing, and the distribution of & “available now”
      aftermarket filters, replacement parts and supplies
    • Creating Fleet Service Efficiencies That Reduce TOC


    At CDS, Service Is Our Hallmark. Reliable. Effective. Service. Completed promptly, effectively, expertly, consistently, by trained CDS certified technicians. They’re committed to deliver outcomes that exceed expectation, extend filter life, and optimize economic return. CDS service is designed to deliver enduring satisfaction, secure unfaltering loyalty ,and keep your diesel assets “Revenue Ready”

    Reduced TCO

      The CDS “One Touch” service to settlement fleet program reduces AP labor, administration and operating overhead. Our system secure asset documentation and service history database allows you to identify proactive — cost efficient cleaning intervals. That in conjunction with our cleaning and restoration abilities extend filter life, optimize performance, uptime and leverage the financial benefits associated with equipment efficiency and asset longevity.

      Our Brand

      As the first nationwide diesel emission cleaning brand; our intent is to continually earn market preference and secure fleet patronage though:

        • Consistent delivery of unmatched DPF restoration outcome
        • Outcome that optimizes uptime performance, fuel consumption, filter longevity & ROI
        • > 96% filter recovery
          Recovery of heavily compromised filters rejected elsewhere
        • Elimination of unnecessary filter replacement
        • 24 Hour door to door meticulously restored filters
        • Satisfaction Guaranteed quality control
        • “One Touch” “ Service To Settlement Fleet Care

      The CDS NETWORK ™

      The CDS Network is a wholly owned internal CDS entity that licenses independently owned and operated service facilities to operate and deliver service under the CDS trademark. Licensor Selection is vigilant. CDS licensee applicants are rigorously screened for:

        • Customer orientation
        • Pre-existing reputation on quality, ethics and promises delivered
        • Solvent, respected, insured operations
        • Compatibility with CDS values, ethics & pursuit of excellence

      The CDS Network responds to rapidly growing compliance, performance, cost implications and time-sensitive demands confronting America’s Fleets and business entities that facilitate diesel- powered equipment. With CDS licensed and certified facilities already servicing 30 states, our facility expansion is aligned with the logistical demand and priorities of our existing and onboarding fleet clients.