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Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)? This Negatively Impacts Fuel Economy

Our team was recently reading a report from Chevron Lubricants entitled “Enhanced Fuel Economy Retention from an Ultra-Low Ash Heavy Duty Engine Oil“. While this article was directed at how engine oil impacts fuel economy, it focused on the negative impact to fuel economy from a clogged diesel particulate filter.

A Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPFs) Negatively Impact Fuel Economy - DPF Cleaning by Clean Diesel SpecialistsThe article starts by saying “Diesel particulate filters are remarkably efficient in reducing emissions of particulate matter from heavy- duty diesel engines. However, their efficiency and performance are negatively impacted by contaminants derived from consumed engine lubricant. This accumulation of incombustible ash imparts a fuel economy penalty due to increased system backpressure and demand for more frequent regeneration events.”

While the article discusses different methods that can be implemented to keep the DPF filter from becoming clogged as quickly, what about if your DPF is already clogged? The only option is to have your filter professionally cleaned. Failure to do so not only costs you in fuel economy, it could result in you needed to replace a very expensive filter if the cleaning is ignored for too long.

As the article states, “DPFs do still require periodic maintenance to remove this incombustible material which otherwise accu- mulates and interferes with PM reduction efficiency and imposes a backpressure on the system that impacts engine efficiency and fuel economy”.

The Clean Diesel Specialists Network can help! With our 8 step process and our state of the art cleaning equipment we can ensure the highest quality product GUARANTEED! We weigh the filter and measure air flow pre and post cleaning to ensure a thorough cleaning. With your filter cleaned, the engine can experience more efficient operation and better fuel economy.

If you would like to know more about how a clogged diesel particulate filter can negatively impact your fuel economy, please contact one of our pros within the CDS Network by clicking HERE  We look forward to discussing this with you and scheduling a DPF cleaning service if needed.

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