Nationwide Fleet DPF Cleaning by Clean Diesel Specialists - Your source for fleet diesel particulate filter cleaning.

Nationwide Fleet DPF Cleaning by Clean Diesel Specialists

Your fleet’s uptime is far too important to be derailed by poor DPF maintenance practices, but where can you get timely and reliable Diesel Particulate Cleaning services nationwide? Look no further that the network of Clean Diesel Specialist locations that specialize in nationwide fleet DPF cleaning. Check out these 5 reasons that CDS is the logical source for your fleet DPF cleaning needs.

Nationwide Fleet DPF Cleaning by Clean Diesel Specialists - Location Map5 Reasons to Choose Clean Diesel Specialists For Nationwide Fleet DPF Cleaning
    • Large Nationwide Network – CDS is the largest national network of servicers cleaning and maintaining filters to OEM standards.
    • Approved by Cummins – CDS is the only Cummins approved nationwide DPF cleaning and maintenance program.
    • Highly Trained & Certified Licensees – All CDS locations are serviced by trained pros who go through our rigorous certification process.
    • 24 Hour Service That Comes to You – CDS will meet your time demands with the most locations and pick-up & delivery service.
    • Increased DPF Life – A properly maintained DPF not only helps avoid downtime, it will have a longer lifespan.

We understand the challenge when you have a geographically dispersed fleet. Standardized and timely maintenance can be difficult. You need your fleet to be serviced quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime and no headache on your end. That is why the CDS nationwide fleet DPF cleaning program was established. We look forward to helping manage your DPF maintenance and reduce downtime across your fleet.

To learn more about our Fleet DPF Cleaning Program, click HERE. If you have any questions, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss our nationwide fleet maintenance program. You can reach us by emailing or giving us a call at (541) 979-7315. We look forward to serving you!

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